Kids' Creative Writing Workshops

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Kids' Creative Writing Workshops

from 25.00

24th July - 3rd August 2018


Eight new creative writing workshops for 8-11 year olds in Finchley, north London.

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General Info

I’m running two weeks of creative writing workshops for children aged 8-11, taking place from 10am-12pm Tuesday-Friday for two weeks (July 24th to August 3rd 2018). We’ll be creating worlds inspired by mysterious maps, mastering the art of the haiku, learning how to write the yuckiest and most vivid descriptions possible, and making plasticine monsters to star in our stories.

These sessions will be held in small groups and are about fostering creativity, boosting confidence and having fun. We’ll write stories and poems as well as more unconventional forms, whether it’s a monster’s to-do list or a ship captain’s log. Every workshop will give children techniques for making their writing vivid, imaginative and engaging.


All workshops will run from 10am to 12pm in a well-appointed home in Friern Watch Avenue, North Finchley (full address given on booking). Nearest tube: Woodside Park.


On this page you can book individual workshops (£25 each), all four workshops in Week 1 (£100), all four workshops in Week 2 (£100), or all eight workshops (£200).

Please note this is a new booking system – if you have any problems please email me at (If booking on a phone, scroll to the top half of your page to complete the info form that will pop up once you've added a workshop to your cart.)

Cancellation policy

Cancellations are possible up to two weeks before the date of the workshop, though there will be a £5 cancellation fee per workshop.

What to bring

Please pack a small snack and drink for your child to have in the 10-minute break. They should bring their own pen and writing notebook, but if they forget, there will be paper and pens provided.

Please make sure that any child who needs to carry an EpiPen, inhaler or other medication has it with them, otherwise they may not be able to take part in the workshop.

About me

I’m a children’s writer and workshop leader who teaches creative writing to kids, in groups and one-to-one. My publishing credits include being one of the writers of My Golden Ticket, a personalised book published last year by Wonderbly. It tells the story of a child’s trip around Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and was published in partnership with the estate of Roald Dahl. I loved getting to build on the world Roald Dahl created in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I’ve also written children’s fiction for the fiction packager Working Partners, as well as writing my own stories and poems for kids.


If you have any questions, email me at

Workshop Info


Tuesday 24th July: The ‘Hairy Toe’ Spooky Poetry Workshop

Doors creaking, papers rustling, a whisper in your ear… Creating a strong atmosphere, particularly a spooky one, is a great way of getting readers hooked. We’ll take inspiration from spooky objects and use techniques such as repetition and personification to write spine-tingling poems.

Wednesday 25th July: Mysterious Maps

Maps have a fascinating history and can be works of art in themselves. They’re also a great way of starting stories. We’ll look at a variety of real and fictional maps, create our own maps and then write the journey of a character moving through our imaginary world.

Thursday 26th July: The Small and Beautiful Haiku

As well as being quick and easy to write, haiku help us notice the details in the world around us – and details make for rich, vivid writing. We’ll take inspiration from nature and from our own lives to write tiny poems with big-hitting power.

Friday 27th July: What If Your Dog Could Talk?

Every story needs a great central character, but how do you write one? Animals are great inspiration for creating new, original human characters (especially funny ones). We’ll create characters this way step-by-step, then write stories to see how our new characters cope in tricky situations.


Tuesday 31st July: The Yucky Stuff Workshop

Wriggling worms, mouldy bread and toenail clippings… In this workshop we’ll learn five techniques for writing the most vivid, yucky descriptions possible. Our writing will put all sensible adults off their lunch – and be impressive literary works.

Wednesday 1st August: You’re the Top! – Poems to tell you how great you are

Metaphor is one of the most powerful writing techniques there is. What better way to tell someone they’re brilliant? That’s exactly what Cole Porter does in his famous song, ‘You’re the Top!’ We’ll come up with our own updated metaphors and make them into fun rhyming poems.

Thursday 2nd August: Making Monsters

If you’re stuck on a piece of writing, it can help to begin away from the page. First we’ll use plasticine to create monsters, then we’ll find our way into stories by writing unusual things from the monster’s life, whether it be a diary entry or a to-do list.

Friday 3rd August: Pick ‘n’ Mix Stories

It’s amazing what stories you can write from only the smallest inspiration. After foraging for ingredients – character names, locations, lines of dialogue – we’ll do a Lucky Dip, put our ingredients together and create fully fleshed-out adventures.