My son has always complained and struggled with creative writing for school, but he absolutely loved your ‘Mysterious Maps’ workshop this summer. After a few hours with you he couldn’t stop talking about the worlds he was creating, and how thrilling writing now seemed. You transformed writing from something that was a chore into something that is an art.
— Elizabeth, Alexander’s mum
We all spoke very highly of your workshops afterwards, and Ricco thoroughly enjoyed himself. We’d certainly be keen to book again.
— Elizabeth, Ricco’s mum
A big thank you to you; Maya had a great time every day of the workshop.
— Tina, Maya’s mum
Thanks for Friday – Arielle had a great time and would love to do it again. She said it felt like it only lasted about 10 minutes, which I took to mean it flew by as she was having so much fun. I loved that her story revolved around not just trampolining, but specifically trampoline socks!
— Peggy, Arielle’s mum
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THIS EASTER HOLIDAY I’m running six creative writing workshops for 8-11 year olds, taking place from Monday 8th–Wednesday 17th April. We’ll be creating new worlds, inventing our own monsters, exploring alternative universes, doing a lucky dip for story ingredients, and hunting for the most daring descriptions possible. The sessions are about encouraging creativity, learning new writing techniques, boosting confidence and having fun. Book a place here.

FOR OLDER CHILDREN (12-14 year olds) I’m running three workshops on different aspects of story writing on Monday 8th, Monday 15th and Wednesday 17th April. The sessions will look at how to come up with ideas, editing your work, understanding different story types and how to make your writing more interesting and nuanced. All three workshops are great for keeping a love of writing alive as kids go through secondary school, and for helping prepare them for the creative writing tasks often set at GCSE. You can book for those sessions here.