Creative Writing Tuition

Creative writing is a surprisingly big part of school syllabuses nowadays. I’m a creative writing tutor, both to children who are having difficulties with writing, and those who absolutely love writing and are looking for more stimulation and encouragement than they get at school.

My Approach

There are a range of problems children can have with their writing. One will be very enthusiastic but write stories that don’t make sense; another will write stories that are just a series of events with no description or emotion; another will have trouble getting any words on the page at all.

I have a host of exercises and techniques I draw on to help children, depending on what aspects of writing they’re having trouble with. I teach techniques and approaches that I use every day myself as a writer, for example making lists, ‘rough’ first drafts, free associating from a word, experimenting with similes, using animals and objects to create characters, rewriting stories I already know, asking ‘What do I already have?’… and a lot, lot more.

For many children writing has become a chore or even something to avoid at all costs, so for them the first priority is to make it fun again, and then we can move on from there. I correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, but will sometimes leave something uncorrected if I feel the child is becoming discouraged - because if they dislike writing, it’s much harder for them to improve.

As part of tuition I can also recommend children’s books that I think your child might enjoy and that will be the right level for them. The more widely they read, the better their writing will become!

How to Book A Lesson

  • Pupils come to my house in North Finchley and sessions are usually one hour.

  • During the school holidays I can teach during the whole week, while in term time I teach on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

  • Fortnightly sessions are often good, but I can also teach weekly or occasional lessons.

  • If you have more than one child or have a friend who would be interested in joint lessons, I can also run 2-hour writing workshops for them on a range of fun topics.

  • Contact me to arrange a lesson. I’m teaching during the whole of the summer holiday and am also filling Saturday and Sunday morning slots for the coming school term.