As a writer and ex-literary agency reader, I'm well-placed to read the work of developing writers and give useful pointers as to where they may be going wrong. I edit all genres and specialise in children's fiction.  If you have any questions about writing for children or would like constructive feedback on your book, do get in touch. I love reading other people's work and giving the most helpful, encouraging feedback I possibly can.

I've worked with all kinds of writers, from major planners to free-form improvisers. I'm a plotter but I perform improv comedy in my spare time, so I understand both approaches! I can help you develop your idea, plot it out, edit it for submission, give it a fine-tune or work with you on the ever-challenging synopsis and submission email. I actually love writing them - yes, I know. It's very annoying.

I was totally floored by Miriam’s incredible eye for detail and insight when she did an editorial report and close edit on my novel. Truly astonishing.
— Larisa Villar Hauser,
Miriam made an enormous difference to my writing, providing advice on plot and character development, as well as detailed feedback on my manuscript. She is a delight to work with. I’d recommend Miriam to anyone needing guidance that is both wise and supportive - invaluable for those starting out, as well as seasoned writers who are stuck.
— Louise Morriss, children's writer